So, how much do we charge?

"How much is this gonna cost?" This is, quite naturally, a very common question prospective clients ask.

The trouble is that most web designers dislike this question. It's not that they don't want to tell you. It's just hard to give an answer because it depends so much on what your requirements are, along with all the variables they introduce. They're not trying to be difficult or hide anything. It's no different to that old "how long's a piece of string" question.

Here's the thing - a website is a custom project. To price it properly a good web designer needs answers to lots of questions about your business and goals. The questions are focused in that way because a great business website should usually focus more on the business's customers than it does for the business per se. In addition, answers to more website-specific questions like:

  • Does the site need to let the client's customers buy products or services from them (i.e. E-commerce)?
  • Will it be a membership site so customers can log in to it?
  • What content is available or required?

And that's just a few areas, but all these things add complexity, time and effort - and thus often affect the price.

How are we different?

We totally understand that you want at least some idea. But we also know that excellence in this space does require investment.

So to make it easier to see what sort of investment you'll likely need to make we introduced our Essentials package.

This is what everyone starts with, and it's what we believe every successful high-quality website requires at a minimum.

This may well be all that you require. However, based on your goals and requirements, you may want or need more features on your site. These can be purchased as separate optional add ons.

modular approach graphic

So, what's included in the Essentials package?

A Custom Website

A beautiful bespoke website tailored to your needs, designed to scale with your business and attract your ideal customers.

You will get 3 unique page designs. For example, your Home page, About page, and Services page.

SSL Protection

Amongst other things this is mainly needed for sites that take payments online - ensuring such transactions are encrypted and secure from prying eyes.

However, Google now marks you down if you don't have this - whether you're selling online or not. So we install the SSL protocol on all our websites by default.


Our sites are built using the WordPress platform.

WordPress has a great pedigree (over 30% of the internet is powered by WordPress).

And being a fully featured Content Management System (CMS), you'll be able to make changes through its back-end after it goes live.

SEO Friendly

Being found on the major search engines like Google and Bing is key to a successful website.

The way search engines rank websites have changed in recent years (and continue to change). And it's easy for websites to fall foul of their ever-changing "rules". We keep abreast of these changes to make sure that your website stays SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly.

Custom Blog

We’ll create a custom blog section on your website.

This will allow you to create and publish engaging content for your visitors, leads and customers to read that they can comment and share on.

This is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.


These days most traffic now comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets. So a website shouldn't just look great on a desktop or laptop screen. It must look good and be user-friendly on those other devices too.

This is called Responsive Design and this approach is our default approach. Note: the major search engines will now mark your site down if it isn't responsive.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 and is a big deal. Whilst this is a business issue, there are many IT elements, including compliance on websites.

We'll ensure that your site is compliant from day 1.

For more information on the GDPR you can see two articles we have written on this subject here and here.


When your site is ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world we'll arrange some training for you.

This will take the form of an hour's training session, along with some short bespoke guides or videos. These will teach you how to access the back-end of your website so you can add or modify content yourself.

The Nitty Gritty

There are two ways for you to pay for your shiny new website:

  • A traditional pricing model
  • A subscription model (often called Website as a Service or WaaS).

Which way you go is entirely your choice.

The main difference between them is how and when payment is required and whether other services are included or are extra. In either case, you'll get a beautiful, responsive website for your business.

This gives you maximum flexibility around your needs and your budget/cashflow.

See below for actual pricing (assumes the Essentials package with no add-ons).


Starting from an initial £997, plus a monthly fee from £280

This is becoming a very popular way of funding a new website. There are 3 main reasons for its popularity:

  • There's a much smaller initial investment, and you get to spread the rest of the investment across either a 12- or 24-month contract.
  • Complete care and peace of mind - includes all your hosting, website maintenance, security, updates, backups and much, much more.
  • Every 2 years (if you renew) you'll get a FREE website refresh/facelift.

This really is the complete package giving you a fantastic website with complete ongoing peace of mind, plus a regular facelift to keep it fresh. 


From £2,900

This is the general, more traditional way of investing in a website.

You pay for the website prior to launch (although the one-time payment is split into a deposit and 3 milestone payments during the site's initial development). Then, along with some handover training, we'll launch and then hand the keys over to you.

Please note with this option there is no ongoing care, hosting or maintenance unless you also choose to subscribe to one of our monthly Care Plans, which start from just £87 per month.

That said, if you don't subscribe to a Care Plan and need anything after launch we'll gladly do whatever you wish, but it will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £97.

Optional Add-Ons

Below are a number of popular "add-ons" to further elevate your site. The majority start at just £450 (when using the traditional pricing model, otherwise any add-ons get rolled into a revised subscription price).

Note: these are just some of our popular add-ons, so if you don't see something you need then please contact us.

  • More Pages

    You already get three unique page designs, but you may well fancy some more page layouts.

    We can design any extra unique and beautiful pages that you need.

  • Content

    A key factor for a successful website is new, regular content. 

    We can write engaging copy that appeals to your ideal customer.

  • Testimonials

    Putting trust factors such as testimonials and/or case studies on your website are a great way to convert visitors into customers.

  • Online Store

    Want to sell your products or services, and allow customers to pay online (e-commerce)?

    We'll design and build you a fully bespoke online shop.

  • Portfolio

    A great way to demonstrate the value to potential customers is to showcase your work with a beautiful online portfolio.

    We can absolutely build this for you.

  • Appointment Booking

    If your business needs to take appointment bookings, we can build an awesome booking system letting customers book appointments directly on your site.

Want to know more?

Get a free no-obligation consultation to discuss which option would work best for your needs.