Care Plans

Why Subscribe to a Care Plan?

Your website is important to your business. It needs to be highly available to your customers, and perform well when they visit.

Working to keep your website healthy and safe requires essential and ongoing care. Business websites are not set-and-forget solutions. Even if little changes on your website in terms of its content, the world around it continues to evolve.

There are many areas that require constant attention. If you wish your site to remain healthy, to continue to perform well, and to reduce the risk of software failure or an attack, then you need to keep on top of things. Just to name a few areas that need regular attention...

Making sure your site's visitors have the best possible experience by ensuring all necessary hosting configurations and updates are regularly performed

Big cost savings by leveraging our agency's premium plugin subscriptions

Keeping your site working in tip-top condition by applying bug fixes as they become known (WordPress, Plugins, Themes, Custom Code)

Better safety for your business and your customers by protecting your site against hacking and malware

Protecting the site from any damaging changes you might make by being able to restore your site from the daily backups we perform

Ensuring your site is up and running at all times. We are alerted immediately if your site goes down, for whatever reason, so we can act to get it back up straight away

Ensuring site visitors feel the site is quick and snappy by regularly optimising the site and monitoring its performance

Maintaining your site's GDPR Compliance

woman using credit card on website

Cancel Anytime

This really isn't trivial stuff to keep on top of, and our Care Plans take care of these things so you can focus on what's important to you - your business!

However, there's no commitment - you can change, or even cancel, your subscription at any time.

Our WordPress website care plans offer great peace of mind and excellent value.

For most businesses, their website is their main online presence, shop window, and primary marketing tool. Why leave its health and your reputation to chance?

If you are not on one of our Care Plans and have an issue with your website that you need our help to resolve, we will, of course, do everything we can to help you. However, you will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £97 per hour.

What Do Our Plans Cover?

This is so much more than just website maintenance. This is total care.

Managed Hosting

High availability (99.9% uptime) super-fast SSD hosting. We manage all the host-side settings, and configuration for you.

Security Monitoring

We monitor the security of your website 24/7. This means we can manage attempted hacks, breaches, or attacks when they're detected. Giving us time to minimise and repair any damage that may have occurred quickly and cleanly.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor that your website is up and running 24/7. Should your website go down for some reason, we will be notified and will respond quickly to ensure it is back up and running ASAP!

Software Updates

Regular updates to your website's core software, plugins and themes. As well as fixing bugs, and adding new features. This also ensures that known security vulnerabilities are plugged-up almost as soon as they are announced.


We continually monitor how well your site performs. Poor page load speeds are a great way to lose customers! And nobody wants that. Keeping on top of that ensures your site continues to perform great.


As well as daily hosting backups, we do a separate backup of your site on a daily basis to the cloud (this can be more frequent if required). We use a robust retention plan allowing any files to be recalled up to a year later.

Website Support

Your plan includes dedicated support time per month (the amount depends on the plan you're on), where you can request changes be made on your site.

Monthly Report

Every month you will receive a monthly report of what we have done keep your website in tip-top condition that month. You can see an example report here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives great insight into the traffic your site is getting. Dovetailed with a marketing campaign, you can instantly see how well the campaign is working.

GDPR Compliance

Once (or when) your site is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, we will ensure your site continues to comply with the GDPR.

Broken Links

We continuously monitor whether you have broken links, and fixing them if they arise. Having any broken links has a marked and adverse effect on your Google search ranking, so it's an important thing to keep on top of.


Like any database, the one behind your WordPress site will, over time, get clogged up with old data. This isn't usually harmful, but it does affect how well your website performs. Optimising the database regularly will keep things nice and slick.

Strategy Calls

Depending on the Care Plan you're on, we are available on a monthly or quarterly basis to have a website strategy video or phone call with you. This is primarily to discuss your ongoing/changing business needs and how the site can continue to reflect those needs.

Premium Plugins

As an agency we have agency licenses to many of the premium plugins. As a Care Plan subscriber you get access to those at no extra cost to you. This, for many clients, justifies the cost of subscription alone.

Anti-spam Service

We use a premium anti-spam service for all our Care Plan subscribers. This protects and blocks you from any spammy submissions your site might gets through forms and blog comments.  

Care Plan Pricing

No long term contract. Cancel anytime

There are two ways to pay, monthly or annually. Paying annually gets you 1 month free (i.e. 12 months for the price of 11)!

Pay Monthly

Pay Annually


£87 billed monthly

  • This is best for standard business websites
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly software updates
  • Access to our Premium Plugins
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium anti-spam service
  • GDPR Compliance Monitoring
  • 30 mins. Basic Support Time+
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Performance optimisation
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Strategy Call
  • Broken link monitoring
  • Database optimisation


£177 billed monthly

  • Required for e-commerce & higher traffic sites
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly software updates
  • Access to our Premium Plugins
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium anti-spam service
  • GDPR Compliance Monitoring
  • 1 hour's Priority Support Time+
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Performance optimisation
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Quarterly Strategy Call
  • Broken link monitoring
  • Database optimisation


£487 billed monthly

  • Best for large and actively growing websites
  • Managed Website Hosting
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly software updates
  • Access to our Premium Plugins
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium anti-spam service
  • GDPR Compliance Monitoring
  • 3 hours' Priority Support Time+
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Performance optimisation
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Broken link monitoring
  • Database optimisation

+ Support Time allocation is per month and does not rollover. Excess time is billed at our Care Plan rate of £75 per hour (for non-Care Plan customers it's £97 per hour).

Optional Related Services

These are ad hoc one-off services we offer that can be purchased if you're not on one of our Care Plans

website audit graphic

WordPress Care Plan Audit

If you're interested in subscribing to a Care Plan, but your site wasn't built by us - then we will need to audit your existing site to see what issues there may already be, and help you fix these before starting a Care Plan.

We'll send you a jargon-free, comprehensive audit report with real actionable, prioritised recommendations direct to your inbox.

The audit is a comprehensive 40+ point audit assessment and is a valuable assessment.

Whether you decide to join a Care Plan or not, you get a fully detailed and actionable PDF report of what your site's problem areas are, and how you (or your current webmaster) can fix those problems.


Care Plan Frequently Asked Questions

The whole purpose of our client plans is preventative care, so we work hard to prevent anything from happening. However, in the case something does happen and your website needs emergency care, we will be there right by its side doing everything we can to get things sorted as quickly as possible.

We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups, should the worst happen.

Glad you asked!

Content update requests and small design improvements are the most common requests, however anything that can fit into your monthly support time is fair game.

We just ask you to be aware that requests for new features to your website will likely result in a formal quote as those commonly go over the monthly dedicated time.

IMPORTANT: If your site has a live issue, e.g. it's down for some reason, we will simply resolve that sort of issue regardless of any support time you have remaining, with one exception. If the issue is as a result of a change you made on the site. In that instance any resolution effort will come from your dedicated support time.

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately.
However, in the case that what is required is eligible for your plan, but it will exceed the amount of time you have left in that month, then there are 2 choices:

  • If it's not urgent, and if you are happy for it to wait until the next month's allocation, then we will schedule for it to take place then.
  • If it is urgent, then, with your approval, we will work past the time left and bill for the time exceeded (1-hour minimum) at our Care Plan rate of £75 per hour. For comparison, the usual non-Care Plan rate is £97 per hour.

Priority support means we will endeavour to respond to your request within 4 business hours (usually sooner).

Basic support means we will endeavour to respond to your request within 1 business day.

This is a little like a lawyer’s retainer. The monthly time is there for you every month to reserve your place in our queue and our resources, therefore it does not rollover.

Scheduling time this way allows us to respond promptly and your request will be picked within the service level for your plan, and then addressed immediately.

When quoting work we provide a fixed price estimate before we get started so you can budget effectively.

However, in some cases, we need to use hourly billing where the work is customised, or maybe falls outside a Care Plan, or the scope is not fully known - to give you more flexibility.

Our standard hourly rate is £97, and is always billed for a minimum of 1 hour. However, when on a Care Plan this rate is reduced to £75 per hour.


Email is our best form of communication since it yields the fastest response. However, we know brainstorming and reviewing visual work can be best on the phone or on a video call (we use Zoom).

These consulting calls are reserved for clients on our Engage and Master care plans. They help focus a trajectory of the website for growth and improvements. These sessions are often used for online screen-sharing small updates or providing training.

You simply book your consultation via the client portal on our website and we'll be ready with the agenda to make the most out of the call.

Of course. Although we prefer to use our own hosting as we know it's state-of-the-art and we have much more control over host settings.

That said, if you wish to use a different provider, we'll review your web hosting and talk to your hosting company to make sure it will fit your needs.

If you are already using our hosting and wish to migrate off to another host we will charge a one-off migration fee of £200 to ensure the migration goes smoothly to your new host.

Payment is taken through a debit/credit card and is charged automatically at the start of each month.

Once payment is complete we send you a tax invoice PDF directly to your email.


We are all about building a valuable relationship with you and your website. We will hate to see you go but we understand that flexibility and understanding are important to you. The last thing we want is for any client to feel locked in.

Just request a cancellation via email to, and we will immediately stop the next payment. If you are paying for your Care Plan annually, you will also be refunded any whole unused months.

If you do cancel a Care Plan we will provide you with the following at no charge:

  • A backup of your website and its databases(s)
  • All relevant administration and login credentials
  • Details of any premium plugins that we used that are licensed to Elixir that will be de-licensed on cancellation.

NOTE: If you are planning to move to another host you need to bear these two things in mind:

  1. There will be a one-off migration fee of £200 to cover the cost of us liaising with your new vendor to ensure a smooth migration.
  2. Premium plugins we de-license (because they were licensed to us) will need to be re-licensed under your own name or company at your own cost in order for them to continue to be supported by the plugin's vendor and operate as designed. Or, of course, you can choose not to use some or all of them (be aware that depending on what they are, not using one or more may break your site - but we will advise you on that).

Although these plans are usually for sites we build or re-design, we welcome clients who are looking for a long term relationship with a dedicated webmaster.

However, we first like to do a Care Plan Audit to become familiar with the website, how it was built and any potential issues that can arise. We do this through our WordPress Care Plan Audit package.

Want to know more?

Get a free no-obligation consultation to discuss which option would work best for your needs.