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Managing A WordPress Project?

Download our Project Brief and Project Plan templates. These will greatly help you ensure you are considering and tracking all the elements that lead to a successful project. Help you and your clients today!

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A well-run project could be critical to your business - are you aware of what you should be doing?

Running a project isn't just about putting together a schedule of tasks to be done.

There are many other factors that will affect how successful your project will be. Much of this isn't rocket science. However, those factors are very often not considered, putting you in a position of potentially setting yourself up to fail.

Our free templates will act as a prompt of the things you really ought to be considering. Both at the proposal stage (via the Project Brief), and during the project itself (via the Project Plan).

Understand Project Management a little better and give yourself all the chances for success.

Get the Project Brief template, a great project foundation for your proposal
Get the Project Plan template to see all the factors you should have nailed down for a successful project
Keep track of your costs and so clearly see your potential profit or loss
Manage the project's risks before they become issues
See and understand the factors you should think of beyond a project schedule

Our Clients Said...

"We are extremely pleased with how Elixir helped us (and continue to help us). They listened and understood what we needed from a business perspective and then implemented it, keeping us informed throughout. "

Warren Levison, Managing Director of IDS

"Our experience with Elixir has been fantastic. Unlike other web designers we've worked with they have a robust process that immediately gave us confidence that they knew what they were doing."

Samantha Martyn, co-founder of EVENT 2 EVENT