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If you wish to request some design/development, then please complete the no-obligation form below.

We will estimate the effort (there may be a little back and forth to clarify the requirements) and based on the urgency you indicate (below) we will inform you how many credits we have estimated will be required for this task (along with your current pre-pay credits balance, if applicable), seeking your approval. Click here for more details about credits.

Once you provide approval to proceed:

If you have pre-pay credits

If your pre-pay credits balance covers the work, we will simply schedule the work (according to the agreed urgency). However, if your credits balance is insufficient to cover the credit cost, we’ll send you an invoice for the difference. On receipt of payment, we’ll then schedule the work according to the agreed urgency.

If you do NOT have pre-pay credits

We will send you an invoice to cover the cost of the necessary credits. On receipt of payment, we’ll then schedule the work according to the agreed urgency.

TIP: It is more cost effective to try and lump as many tasks into a request as possible for estimation. For example, 2 standard complexity, non-urgent tasks (say, 4 hours each) would consume 6 credits if they were part of a single request. However, if they were requested separately, they would consume 12 credits (6 for each). In other words, “drip feeding” requests to us is much less economical for you.

Design/Development Requests
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