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Worried about what's needed to be GDPR compliant?

Download our checklist infographic that clearly outlines and summarises all the areas of the GDPR you need to be aware of. Real and actionable tips that will help you on the road to making your business GDPR compliant.

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Do you need to be GDPR compliant, and if so, are you?

As one of the most important assets in your business, it's vital that your website helps your business, and not hinder it.

Are you and your business GDPR compliant? Does it actually need to be?

Our free checklist will help you understand who needs to be compliant as well as how and why. 

Learn what GDPR is
When does GDPR apply?
What are your legal obligations?
What rights does GDPR give your customers?
Security implications

Our Clients Said...

"We are extremely pleased with how Elixir helped us (and continue to help us). They listened and understood what we needed from a business perspective and then implemented it, keeping us informed throughout. "

Warren Levison, Managing Director of IDS

"Our experience with Elixir has been fantastic. Unlike other web designers we've worked with they have a robust process that immediately gave us confidence that they knew what they were doing."

Samantha Martyn, co-founder of EVENT 2 EVENT